How To Add Highlights To Your Hair Wig At Home

How To Add Highlights To Your Hair Wig At Home

Human hair bundles are fast-moving in the market. So many people prefer hair bundles to wigs. They come in various colors, lengths, and textures to match everyone's natural hair. Hair highlights have increased a lot in popularity. Many women have considered adding highlights to their hair. Some reasons for this include adding movement and dimension to stagnant hair. After the highlight process, the hair color is usually lighter than your natural color. Your choice of color is highly dependant on the base color. This article points our ways of adding highlights to a hair wig at home.

The process of highlighting a wig from home

The highlighting techniques were only familiar to hairstylists. However, more people are giving it a shot from the comfort of their homes. It helps save money, but you must do it correctly. Here is a guide on how to do it.

1. Be utterly set on doing the highlighting at home

As mentioned above, highlighting a hair wig is best done in the salon. However, if you are for the home idea, pick an easy technique that requires fewer skills to achieve. Methods like balayage are a bit challenging, so avoid that route. Also, if you want a super complicated highlight pattern, avoid ruining your hair and visit a hair professional. Again, making a really dark wig base super light is not easy. It takes so much time and several coats to change up everything. One advantage of doing a home session is the products are well labeled. Assemble all chemicals in one place and be careful while bleaching.

2. Select the hair wig hue

It's crucial to select the right hue for the hair. You can go with something that works well for your skin tone and hair base as well. However, there are no specific color highlights to go with. You can pick anything you like out of the box. Some not-so-common hues include lavender, purple, rose gold, etc. Choosing the hue is one part, but there's still more to come. You must decide on the highlights you want. Should they appear on the whole or half head? Should they be thick or thin? The answers to these questions will guide you to the highlighting process.

3. Begin highlighting the hair wig

To DIY, you must purchase a coloring kit. There are many highlighting kits available. So, it is upto you to pick what suits you best. All kits come with specific instructions that you must follow. Therefore, there's no particular way to carry out the process. Failure to follow all the provided steps can damage your wig.

4. Care for your hair wig strands

A color-treated wig needs a special care routine different from before. Your previous routine will is definitely not ideal, so you must switch to new hair products. Choose products that cater to the particular highlight to keep the strands healthy.

Bottom line

Highlights are a great addition to your hair. They give the hair depth and a splash of color that brighten your face. Go for the simple highlighting techniques, manageable from your home. Avoid dramatic color changes for a successful coloring process. If you want something more complex, it's best to visit the salon and prevent unnecessary damage.